Membrane Applications

CMS is a technology company engaged in research and development of fluoropolymer membranes and thin films with exceptional gas transport properties and chemical resistance.

At CMS, we:

  • Sell products and license technology.
  • Develop business partnerships to bring applications to market.
  • Conduct contract membrane research.

Unlike other gas-liquid contactors and gas separation membrane cartridges, CMS membranes process gases and liquids without degradation, leakage, bubbles or foaming.

CMS manufactures membrane cartridges for gas separations including:

  • Nitrogen or oxygen enrichment of air.
  • Separation of volatile organic chemicals from air.

CMS supplies membrane contactors for gas dissolution, degasification & dewatering of:

  • Solvents.
  • Oils.
  • Surfactant solutions.
  • Aggressive chemicals.
  • Temperature sensitive liquids.
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